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Increasing the overall efficiency of reciprocating internal combustion engines by installation of MHD converter

The technology of magnetohydrodynamic, or more specifically magnetopgasdynamic converters is related to the direct conversion of the energy of a flowing fluid (in our case hot gas) into electrical energy. In this article, the authors deal with the design solution of a device working on the principle of the mentioned technology, for obtaining electricity from the hot exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine. In this way, it is possible to use the part of the thermal energy that would leave the engine with the exhaust gases as waste heat. Preliminary experimental measurements show a positive effect of such a device on effective use of energy stored in the fuel, while its design can also contribute to reducing engine noise without adversely affecting its produced effective engine power on the shaft. The design of the MHD converter is supported in the article by FEM analysis of heat dissipation, Stress and deformation analysis and CFD analysis of exhaust gas flow through it. Authors believes, that this technology could improve today´s concept of hybrid technology in various types of transport vehicles and leads to more environment friendly transportation.
Topic: Hybrid and electric powertrains
Author: Jozef Čerňan
Co-authors: Dalibor Bárta Filip Škultéty Michal Janovec Martin Bugaj