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Analysis of propulsion units dedicated to test stands for aviation systems

This paper presents an analysis of selected propulsion units dedicated to test stands for unmanned aircraft systems. It focused on engines suitable for aircraft with maximum take-off mass up to 150 kg. The study includes an analysis of propulsion units that can be used to power systems on stationary test stands dedicated to advanced research and measurement of prototype aerospace technologies intended for use in rotorcraft. It is shown that appropriately selected propulsion units have a decisive influence on the effects of conducted research. Moreover, the paper shows the benefits of using specific solutions and defines the risks associated with the use of an inappropriate power unit. Using the right propulsion unit is an example of how to optimise energy consumption and emissions of flying systems.
Topic: Fuel injection systems and mixture formation
Author: Ksenia Siadkowska
Co-authors: Błażej Czajka, Mirosław Wendeker