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Architecture of hybrid propulsion for use in light aircraft.

New aviation development paths are being sought. New propulsion for aviation is required to be more economical and ecological efficient. All these requirements seem to be met by the electric motor used as a propulsion unit, the use of which requires solving a number of new problems, such as ensuring the sufficient amount of energy stored on board the aircraft, especially in light aircraft and UAVs, due to the energy density that the batteries are able to store. Hence, it is interesting to use hybrid propulsion, which allows to partially reduce this problem, and distributed propulsion, which increases the energetic efficiency. The article will present, on the example of a light aircraft, the concept of selecting the key components of a hybrid propulsion, and will present the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution. The article will conclude with a summary and evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed propulsion system solutions.
Topic: Hybrid and electric powertrains
Author: Michał Kuźniar
Co-authors: Maciej Kalwara Marek Orkisz