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Physio-chemical properties of various fractions of tire pyrolysis oil

The paper presents a number of physio-chemical properties, namely: density, viscosity, flash point, as well as sulfur, water, and impurities content of four tire pyrolysis oil fractions. The fractions were obtained by distillation of the industrially produced tire pyrolysis oil in the temperature ranges: 150-220 °C, 220-280 °C, 280-330 °C, 330-375 °C. Results concern the properties of the tire pyrolysis oil fractions examined directly after the distillation process as well as after applied purification processes (namely: sedimentation, filtration, and water removal process). The obtained results are also discussed in terms of conformity to the quality standard adopted for fuels used in compression ignition engines.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Kamil Duda
Co-authors: Tomasz Suchocki, Paweł Kazimierski, Sławomir Wierzbicki, Jacek Hunicz, Maciej Mikulski