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Team durability test of a 1.3 MW locomotive diesel engine with prototype piston rings

Objective of this work was to realize a test of durability of railway engine EMD645 with power about 1300 kW. Within the framework of this test were investigated a prototyped piston’s rings with diamond embankment. Piston rings are made of chromium layer with including of diamond powders technology with a porous chromium coating, where in pores is deposited on said diamond powder with a grain size about 1 micron. The work will be carried out of an analysis of collaboration piston – piston rings – cylinder unit in internal combustion engine and an analysis of the use of hard materials (diamond powder) in friction pairs. During work of this unit we can observe wear of piston rings, precisely - of coating which is deposited on ring to prolong service life. After testing of the locomotive engine EMD645 on the basis of the collected results are developed conclusions of the wearing intensity on piston ring and relating them to the requirements for coatings. The work aims to show the possibilities and benefits of the application of new protective coatings on structural elements of the internal combustion engine in order to reduce their wearing, which is consistent with the observed trend of technology development.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Kaźmierczak
Co-authors: dr inż. Marcin Tkaczyk