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Experimental determination of compressor map of the DGEN 380 engine compressor using the WESTT CS/BV turbine engine simulator

Currently aviation focuses mainlly on increasing the economy and ecology of engines. Production of NOx, CO2 and SO adversaly impacts the environment. Parallel goal to minimize SFC to achieve both lower: emission and mission costs. The optimization of components is thus very important. One of the ways of optimizing cycle is doing that based on compressor maps. However it is very expensive to plot one since experimental work needs to be done. The aim of this article is to present a methodology of creating compressor map based on ENGINE ANALOGY. There was used the virtual bench WESTT CS/BV for tests to receive pressure ratio and mass flow of DGEN 380 for three different values of flight speed and altitude, while the rotational speed was changed. The construction similarity of CFM 56-5B and APS 3200 gives the opportunity to plotted compressor maps using the engine analogy without the need for an experiment or using the virtual bench. Key words: compressor map, engine bench, turbofan jet engine, turbine engine, mass flow rate
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Karolina Pazura
Co-authors: Marek Orkisz