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Influence of Piston Surface Treatment on Piston Assembly Friction in an Eco-Mileage Vehicle Engine

In eco-mileage vehicles, reducing engine friction, especially piston assembly friction (the friction between the piston, the piston rings, and the cylinder liner) is an effective means for improving fuel efficiency. This study investigated the effect of piston surface treatment on piston assembly friction, using the friction measurement apparatus with the floating cylinder liner, in which the eco-mileage vehicle engine was modified. Experimental pistons were as follows: (1) no treatment (standard piston in a commercially-available engine), (2) micro dimple treatment (ceramic fine particles with a diameter of 45 μm were air-blasted on piston surface), (3) molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) shot treatment (MoS2 fine particles with a diameter of 1 μm were air-blasted on the piston surface), (4) both micro dimple and MoS2 shot treatments. Results indicated that, the friction mean effective pressure (FMEP) decreased no treatment, micro dimple treatment, MoS2 shot treatment, both micro dimple and MoS2 shot treatments, in order. Both micro dimple and MoS2 shot treatments were achieved from 31 % to 45 % reduction in FMEP, compared to no treatment.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Kohei Nakashima
Co-authors: Yosuke Uchiyama