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Hybrid drivetrain systems 48V in the rally cars

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) over the last few years consistently implements the strategy of introducing hybrid and electric drivetrains to all motorsport competitions. Recently, a plan for rally cars has been presented, which stipulates that from 2024 four of the five rally cars groups will be equipped with hybrid drivetrains, and one of them will be pure electric-driven. Currently, all rally car groups use turbocharged combustion engines, which shows that the goals set are really ambitious and require decisive actions from interested rally cars manufacturers. The article discusses the implementation of a hybrid drivetrain system powered by 48V for such FIA rally cars groups like Rally2, Rally3 and Rally4 based on current discussions held at the FIA Technical Working Groups. The implementation of hybrid drive systems in rally cars was analysed in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. In the case of this application the important aspect is the assumption regarding an increase in performance, while keeping a high level of safety and reasonable costs. Additionally, the assumption is to reduce the emissions of harmful substances produced by rally cars. The article describes considerations on the prioritization of the above mentioned assumptions, in order to adopt appropriate goals for the next stages of system selection. In particular, the focus was on P0 hybrid systems, which are currently one of the most popular 48V solutions. In addition to the hybrid drive system, other components that can be used in the 48V architecture were analysed. Another aspect that was a subject of the analysis was the selection of system components and the estimation of their parameters depending on various operating strategies. Taking into account the principle of equality in sports rivalry, the method of equalizing the performance of individual systems, which may differ depending on the manufacturer of a given rally car, was also taken into account.
Topic: Hybrid and electric powertrains
Author: mgr inż. Bartłomiej Urbański
Co-authors: dr hab. inż. Grzegorz Przybyła