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Glycerin as a potential raw material for the production of hydrogen

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of Cracow University of Technology, the research has been conducted for several years on the topic of use of technical glycerine (treated as waste in the production of biodiesel) to obtain hydrogen and other chemical compounds that can be used as engine fuels. In the publication "The use of glycerin as motor fuel" (PTNSS Congress 2019), the results of research on the use of glycerine for the production of synthesis gas using low temperature catalytic conversion in a flow reactor were presented. This publication presents methods and discussion on obtaining hydrogen by electro-conversion and bio-conversion. Presented new strategies may contribute to the creation of an appropriate market for the conversion of crude glycerol what would determine the economic profitability of obtaining on this way the "clean" energy from this raw material.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Krzysztof Śliwiński
Co-authors: Wojciech Marek