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Analysis of operating conditions of ASz-62IR engine during flight

The article describes the results of analysis of states and working conditions of the ASz-62 IR-16E engine during real flight conditions. The research was carried out on the ASz-62IR-16E engine produced by WSK "PZL-Kalisz" S.A. which is the development of ASz-62IR-16 engine with the system of electronic indirect gasoline injection. The engine was installed on the AN-2 airplane and the 7 hours of flight were performed. In each flight, the rotational speed, air temperature and pressure in the intake manifold, head temperature, fuel pressure and temperature were recorded. The measured parameters were recorded at a frequency of 16 Hz. Statistical analyses of the recorded parameters were carried out by determining the mean values, standard deviations and distribution histograms. The distribution of operating points determined by the rotational speed and air pressure in the intake manifold were also analysed. The results are presented as 2D and 3D histograms. The analysis took into account the share of steady and transient states of engine operation in the total flight time. The research has shown that the vast majority of the aircraft engine operating time is steady-state conditions in the high load and speed ranges. It was also shown that most of the aircraft engine operating time is steady state conditions.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Piotr Jakliński
Co-authors: Karol Ścisłowski Daniel Rękas Łukasz Szczerba Bartłomiej Skórzyński