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RDE Plus – A Road to Rig Development Methodology for Whole Vehicle RDE Compliance: Engine-in-the-Loop Replication and Emulation

To aid OEMs in meeting real-world driving regulation criteria across challenging boundary conditions of temperature, altitude and driving style throughout different territories, an integrated Road to Rig (R2R) whole vehicle development, calibration and verification programme known as RDE Plus (RDE+) has been developed by HORIBA. Connecting road, chassis dynamometer, Engine-in-the-Loop (EiL) and virtual testing methodologies, real-world driving scenarios can be frontloaded during vehicle and engine programmes to ensure compliance with localised regulations. Reported are the results from the replication of several road tests covering a multitude of altitudes and temperatures adopting an EiL methodology. Recorded pedal inputs and engine speed were replicated and environmental characteristics of each route were emulated using a HORIBA Multi-function Efficient Dynamic Altitude Simulation (MEDAS) system with thermal encapsulation for emulating under-bonnet conditions. For all routes there was an excellent correlation in engine performance and emissions for all methodologies. Measured shaft torque from these replications were then used as part of the HORIBA Torque Matching technique allowing elegant replication and emulation of real-world driving using minimal instrumentation and without any prior understanding or real-time measurement of the route characteristics or road load. For this technique, the engine and dynamometer were operated with closed loop control of the shaft torque and feedforward of engine speed. This technique results in the same driven work done across the cycle regardless of changes to the environmental conditions, hardware or software. Thus, allowing any effects of these changes on vehicle and engine performance and emissions to be decoupled from one another.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Phil Roberts
Co-authors: Alex Mason, Kunio Tabata, Luke Bates and Steve Whelan