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Statistical analysis of operating parameters of the Rotax - CA 912 ULT engine in real operating conditions

The article presents the results of analysis of operational parameters of piston engine CA 912 ULT which is a propulsion system of ultralight gyroplane Tercel produced by Aviation Artur Trendak. Tests were carried out in conditions of normal operation of the gyroplane and data were collected from 7 independent flights. Engine speed, manifold air pressure and temperature, fuel pressure, injection time, and head temperature were recorded at 9 Hz during each flight. Collective results were presented to show the statistical analyses of the individual parameters by determining the mean values, standard deviations and histograms of the distribution of these parameters. Histograms of operating points defined by both engine speed and manifold air pressure were also determined. Analyses of the engine dynamics as a distribution of the rate of change of the engine rotational speed were also carried out. It was shown that the engine operating points are concentrated around the propeller characteristics of the engine, mainly in the idle range and power above 50% of the nominal power. It was also shown that the dynamics of the engine in real operating conditions is low. Key words: piston engine, engine parameters, statistic, normal operating conditions
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Daniel Rękas
Co-authors: Jacek Andrzej CZARNIGOWSKI Witold JACHIM Karol Jan ŚCISŁOWSKI Michał TRENDAK