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Methodological assumptions for testing passenger cars in road conditions with the use of vibroacoustic methods.

The possibilities of using vibroacoustic methods to diagnose passenger cars have been presented in the paper. Vibration and acoustic signals can be used to assess the technical condition of individual components and kinematic pairs of the vehicle. The article focuses on the diagnosis of the internal combustion engine. The aim of the article was to analyze the possibility of using vibroacoustic signals to diagnose internal combustion engines in a vehicle\'s real road traffic conditions. In the first part, the current achievements in the field of vibroacoustic diagnostics of internal combustion engines and vehicles were analyzed. The second part analyzes the problems related to the conduct of tests and registration of the vibroacoustic signal during tests in road traffic. The last part presents the conclusions of the analysis and the proposal to expand the topic with own research.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Karolina Kucal
Co-authors: Marek Walig├│rski