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Combustion Characteristics and Heat Release Analysis for Direct Hydrogen Injection in a Dual Fuel Diesel Engine

This paper presents the results of an engine research fueled by diesel oil and hydrogen. The test object is a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a displacement of 2636 cm3. For the experimental tests, glow plugs were replaced by injectors of compressed hydrogen with an integrated adapter. The hydrogen was injected using a research injector directly into the combustion chamber. In the experiments, the dose of hydrogen was changed at selected test points up to 160 dm3/min. The study was planned to be carried out at a rotational speed of 1500 rpm. The hydrogen injection time and the maximum hydrogen dose were determined experimentally based on preliminary tests. An analysis of the results obtained at all measurement points was carried out.
Author: Ksenia Siadkowska
Co-authors: Grzegorz Barański, Mirosław Wendeker