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Effect of ignition advance angle offset in dual ignition system of a large piston aircraft engine

The paper presents the results of the experimental research on the combustion process inside the cylinder of a large piston radial aircraft engine with dual spark plug ignition. The tests were carried out on the ASz-62IR-16X radial engine equipped with a double, electronically controlled ignition system with two spark plugs in each cylinder. The constant engine speed tests allowed for comparing the combustion processes with ignition carried out with different ignition advance angle offset between both spark plugs. A test was performed in which the ignition advance angle for one spark plug was changed while leaving the ignition advance angle for the other spark plug. Tests were performed to change the angle of the front spark plug and the rear spark plug. Tests were carried out for two engine operating points. The analyses were based on the recorded pressure signal from one of the engine cylinders. It has been shown that the ignition advance angle offset significantly affects the combustion process and its non-repeatability. The obtained results indicate the leading role of the rear spark plug in initiating the combustion process. When the ignition is carried out with steady the rear spark plug advance angle, the combustion process practically did not change when changing the ignition advance angle of the front spark plug. However, changing the rear spark plug advance angle at a constant front spark plug ignition advance angle caused significant changes in the combustion process.
Topic: Engine combustion
Author: Jacek Czarnigowski
Co-authors: Piotr Jakliński, Paweł Karpiński