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Combustion process control of an engine with a dual fuel system

The article presents an overview of technical solutions for dual fuel systems used in internal combustion engines. It covers the histor-ical and contemporary genesis of using two fuels simultaneously in the combustion process. The authors pay special attention to the value of the excess air coefficient in the cylinder, as the ignitability of the fuel dose near the spark plug is a critical factor. The results of research on indirect and direct injection systems (and their combinations) have been presented. Research sections were separated based to the use of gasoline with other fuels or diesel oil with other fuels. It was found that the use of two fuels in different configurations of the fuel supply systems extends the conditions for the use of modern combustion systems (JCCI, RCCI, ICCI PCCI), which will enable further improvement of combustion efficiency.
Topic: Fuel injection systems and mixture formation
Author: Ireneusz Pielecha
Co-authors: Maciej Sidorowicz