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Turn-key „inspex” systems for industries to quantify optically spray & combustion phenomena and to analyze material characteristics by DIC

Spray: The SprayMaster inspex systems using LED generated light sheets and backlight illumination are measuring all kind of spray geometry data including spray patternation. The flexible system design makes it ideally suited for routine spray characterization, from R&D to product quality control applications. Sizing: Complementary for spray applications the ParticleMaster inspex system is designed for quality control applications in industrial environments. It serves as a highly integrated laboratory and testing tool for the measurement of size, shape and velocity of spray droplets, particles and grains. The ParticleMaster inspex combines the advantages of high-magnification shadow imaging with an easy-to-use design. Combustion: EngineMaster inspex systems provide line-of-sight turnkey imaging solutions for in-cylinder spray and combustion visualization. In combination with standard pressure indication endoscopic imaging links engine performance and emissions with in-cylinder phenomena such as pre-ignition, wall wetting and soot generation. Optical indication: Complementary to the Engine Master inspex the unique Internal Combustion Optical Sensors (ICOS) measure crank angle resolved air/fuel ratio, exhaust gas concentration, EGR-rate and gas temperature and water concentration directly inside the cylinder. Material testing: StrainMaster from LaVision is a state-of-the-art, non-intrusive optical tool for shape, strain and deformation analysis of solid and granular subjects. StrainMaster combines the most advanced Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms with the highest quality of hardware to provide a complete and easy to use instrument for materials analysis. For industrial apllications the StrainMaster Compact represents the ultimate solution in terms of simplicity and size. This pre-calibrated system contains two cameras and a light source. It is an DIC system for repeat testing applications, teaching, and difficult to access measurement areas.
Topic: Combustion process control in engines
Author: Joachim Deppe
Co-authors: Anna Glodek