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Identification and classification of the inertia of the internal combustion engine based on the vibrations of the vehicle structure

The article presents the design and operation principle of a wireless data transmission system for correlated reading of basic parameters of a combustion engine from a CAN bus in a Quad type vehicle. The built-in system uses two transmission channels:
- one for the Bluetooth standard, which is dedicated to portable devices,
- the second for the radio standard, which works on 433MHz frequency and enables cooperation of the system with the data acquisition station within the range of 1000m.
The test vehicle is equipped with additional composite sensors made in MEMS technology, which has a built-in three-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor.In order to identify selected disabilities of the internal combustion engine of the tested vehicle, the current parameters were correlated with the vibrations transferred to the structural elements of the vehicle. The recorded signals of acceleration components were analyzed in the frequency domain. Data classification was based on the inference model based on the own algorithm of conduct.
Topic: Engine testing, durability, reliability and diagnostics
Author: J.Mamala
Co-authors: M.Graba, K.Pra┼╝nowski