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Application of biogas to supply the high compression ratio engine

The study concerns the use of biogas as a fuel for feeding a modified self-ignition engine. As a result of the modifications made, the compression ratio was reduced and the engine was equipped with an ignition system and an electronically activated engine throttle. The changes have made it possible to burn biogas in a high compression ratio engine. The paper presents the results of research conducted on a low power cogeneration engine that drives an electrical machine cooperating with a 380/400 V net-work. The analysis includes, among other things, the possibility of producing electricity using biogas as the only fuel. The composi-tion of biogas was simulated thanks to the creation of a synthetic mixture of CH4 and CO2 gases being the main components of biogas fed to the intake manifold of the engine. The test stand has been equipped with devices for measuring, among others concen-trations of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of the tested engine and electrical and mechanical operating indicators of cogeneration system. The paper presents the influence of regula-tory parameters such as the volume and composition of the feed gas mixture, the ignition timing angle and the degree of throttle opening on the obtained engine operation indicators and the driven electric machine. The tests were carried out in relation to the obtained ecological indicators depending on the concentration in the exhaust of such substances as: HC, CO, NOx.
Topic: Alternative fuels
Author: Andrzej Bieniek
Co-authors: Jarosław Mamala Mariusz Graba Krzysztof Prażnowski Michał Śmieja Dariusz Wereszczyński