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Vehicles operating problems related to exhaust after treatment systems.

The review article presents the current trends in the development of exhaust after treatment systems and on the basis of the review of the solutions applied, suggests the directions of further development. It addresses problems related to the use of Diesel Particulate Filters(DPF) and their regeneration. The use of DPF it causes a number of operational problems related to its vitality and reliability. The user is informed about overfilling of the filter, then in order to be able to regenerate it, it is necessary to exploit the vehicle properly. However, there is no possibility of direct supervision of the regeneration process by the user. If it is expected that the vehicle will be used only for short distances in the near future, the user should be able to start the regeneration procedure on his own. This would increase the protection of the DPF against overfilling and therefore extend its life span. Therefore, there is a need to develop a system that would inform the user about the status of the after treatment system, the mode of operation in which it is located and ultimately allowing the user to intervene in the regeneration process. In relation to the problems raised, the article suggests solutions of protecting to protect exhaust after treatment systems.
Topic: Emission measurements and aftertreatment
Author: Marek Budzyński