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Experimental research of an oil pump for a compression-ignition aircraft engine

This paper investigates designs of oil pumps for the compression-ignition aircraft engine. This two-stroke, fluid-cooled engine type with a power of 100 kW has three cylinders and six opposed pistons. The paper estimates the oil pump flow rate required to lubricate various engine parts and examines the designs of automotive oil pumps for compression-ignition engines to select a suitable pump for the compression-ignition aircraft engine. Four different types of pump constructions with different rotor dimensions have been selected. A special test bench has been designed and built to test the oil pumps in terms of their pump shaft speeds ranging from 0 rpm to 4500 rpm and volumetric flow rates reaching 150 l/min. The test bench is also capable of stabilizing oil temperature to the desired level ranging from 30 oC to 120 oC. There was also simulated a flow resistance through the engine slide bearings by changing the position of the outlet throttle on the pump and regulating pressure in the range from 0 kPa to 700 kPa so that the characteristics of the flow rates of individual pumps depending on oil pressures and temperatures have been obtained. This investigation has enabled the selection of a suitable oil pump to correctly lubricate the individual engine nodes.
Topic: Engine testing, durability, reliability and diagnostics
Author: Marcin Szlachetka
Co-authors: Rafał Sochaczewski Michał Gęca