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Shaping the volumetric efficiency characteristics in a spark ignition internal combustion engine due to changes in its displacement

During this study, the volumetric efficiency characteristics of the internal combustion engine in relation to changes in the displacement volume were evaluated. The basic phenomena shaping the engine's filling characteristics were defined, and then a series of bench tests with the use of a real engine as well as model ones with the use of computational systems were carried out. Among others, the charging pressure and flow resistance were considered. It was determined how these factors are influenced by the change of the swept volume realized according to the principles of downsizing and rightisizing. As part of the study, laboratory benches with spark-ignition engines 1.4 TSI and 0.9 Turbo and a stand for measurement of flow resistance were prepared. The numerical model of the 1.4 TSI engine has been developed, which allows changing the displacement volume and other parameters defining the design and functional structure of the engine. On the basis of research and calculations, dependencies defined as the purpose of the research have been demonstrated.
Topic: Modelling and optimization of engine processes
Author: Zbigniew J. Sroka
Co-authors: Mateusz Gandyk