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Adaptation of a gas cogeneration system used in power industry to drive a river transport unit

The comprehensive revitalization of river infrastructure planned in Poland in the coming years, in order to develop water transport, is a signal to undertake a series of activities, among which a significant place is occupied by studies on the sustainable use of energy. In this group, for many years, an important role is played by the combustion drive of watercraft, developed in the aspect of improving efficiency with the simultaneous use of alternative fuels. Sustainability in this respect may consist in the utilization of energy useful for the drive, and the portion of energy lost to supply the unit with electricity and heat. The use of natural gas as an alternative fuel would be a specific buckle that at the same time would improve the ecological efficiency of the drive. On the basis of the analysis carried out, in this study, a number of arguments have been obtained that support the use of a gas engine in the vessel as an important part of the cogeneration system, intended for use in a combined heat and power plant. The cogeneration system under test guarantees overall efficiency above 80%, and the use of natural gas will ensure a significant reduction in the amount of toxic compounds emitted to the atmosphere, especially nitrogen oxides (2-3 times). The use of natural gas as a fuel guarantees similar dynamic parameters as with the use of standard fuels.
Topic: Alternative sources of power
Author: Zbigniew J. Sroka
Co-authors: Karolina Buczma