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Environmental assessment of the exploitation of diesel engines powered by biofuels

Progressive climate change caused, among others carbon dioxide emission and drastically decreasing fossil fuel resources have forced our civilization to look for other, renewable energy carriers. One of the renewable energy sources is liquid biofuels, suitable for supplying internal combustion engines to replace conventional gasolines and diesel. The currently existing first-generation biofuels for powering self-ignition internal combustion engines that are commonly used in Poland and in the world are, for example, biodiesel, which are fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), including methyl esters of rapeseed oil (RME) of oilseeds obtained as a result of cold pressing processes, extraction and transesterification. These biofuels are produced from raw materials used in the food industry. The idea of the next generation of biofuels was created, among others based on unsatisfactory results of first-generation biofuels in terms of emissions and environmental impact, both in the combustion process in internal combustion engines and in the WtW cycle ("Well to Wheel"). This cycle is related to the entire biofuel production process, taking into account every stage of it, including the type of used raw material. Second generation liquid biofuels, among others for feeding self-ignition engines, they can be produced in installations called biorefineries, in which the feed is a widely understood waste biomass. The article will assess the environmental effects of the production and use of motor fuels that can be produced in biorefineries, mainly due to the emission of pollutants, compared to first generation biofuels. There will be evaluated the possibilities of producing biofuels, that can be used to power combustion engines as biocomponents and biofuels, including the so-called substitute fuels for classic petroleum fuels in biorefinery plants.
Topic: Alternative sources of power
Author: Paulina Grzelak
Co-authors: Andrzej Żółtowski