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Reverse engineering a single cylinder head of a test engine

The cylinder gas exchange system is primarily responsible for delivering the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder of an internal combustion engine - that is, the control method of intake and exhaust valves. The correct control of opening and closing times of the inlet and outlet valves has a direct impact on the internal combustion engine operation parameters. The article describes the modernization process of the IC engine gas exchange system. The standard engine timing system has been replaced with a variable valve timing system. A reverse engineering process was performed in which a complete three-dimensional model of the cylinder head was created. The new head has been equipped with the inlet valve opening phases control in the range of ±20⁰. The article describes the complete process of preparing technical documentation from the basic head to the new version of the modified single-cylinder head of the test engine.
Topic: Modelling and optimization of engine processes
Author: Wojciech Cieślik
Co-authors: Krzysztof Wisłocki, Filip Szwajca, Łukasz Fiedkiewicz, Jędrzej Zawartowski