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The influence of operating conditions of the ship

Pollution emission tests from turbine engines used for the main propulsion of vessels require measurement of the concentration of harmful compounds in the exhaust and assessment of the exhaust gases mass generated by the engine. The concentration of harmful compounds can be determined in a direct way by measuring it in the stream of exhaust gases. However, due to the large output of exhaust gases, the mass of exhaust gases must be determined indirectly. To do this it is necessary to carry out a series of tests and analyzes that will enable parameterization of operating conditions. The obtained parameters and functional relations between them can be used to assess the mass of generated exhaust gases. The article presents analyzes related to the methodology for assessing the mass of exhaust gases generated by the main propulsion turbine engine of the vessel, and the manner of their use in the assessment of emission of harmful exhaust gases.
Topic: Emission measurements and aftertreatment
Author: dr inż. Paweł Wirkowski
Co-authors: dr hab. inż. Jarosław Markowski