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Tests of prototype spark-ignited, direct-injection engine powered by JET-A1 fuel

The JET-A1 aviation fuel is widely used in civil aviation in turbine engines and is available at many airports. Such fuel may be an alternative source of energy for aircraft piston engines used in light and ultra-light aircraft, which is consistent with the concept of using only one type of fuel at airports. As part of the research project "Development of an innovative aircraft engine powered by JET-A1 fuel", the idea of combustion of this fuel in a spark-ignition piston engine was proposed, which is presented in the article. The aim of the research was to verify the adopted concept of the combustion process and determine the possibility of its use in piston engines naturally aspirated and forced inducted. To test the assumed process, a special test stand for prototype 1-cylinder engine was designed and constructed, equipped with a water brake, measuring system and switchable fuel supply system for JET-A1 or unleaded petrol 95. The engine had a cylinder head with the possibility to change combustion chamber shape, the positions of the injector and the spark-plug. In the injection system, an injector and a high-pressure fuel pump were installed from the GDI gasoline direct injection system. The injection process and ignition were controlled by a designed computer, which enabled the adjustment of injection parameters and the division of the fuel dose into 2 phases. The paper presents the results of tests of engine parameters depending on the fuel used and proposals for further directions of research.
Topic: Alternative fuels
Author: Piotr Świątek
Co-authors: Paweł Fuć, Andrzej Ziółkowski, Lech Świątek, Pawel Melwiński