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Control of a two-stroke compression-ignition opposed piston engine using the LabVIEW software.

Common Rail system is now widely in opposed diesel engines. The use of electronic control systems makes it possible to achieve favourable engine performance with particular emphasis on low emissions of toxic compounds into the atmosphere. In this type of systems, the amount of injected fuel dose depends on the electrical impulse parameters variation sent by the executive track of the control unit. The article presents the construction of a two-stroke laboratory control system of a compression-ignition engine with opposed pistons. It is a three-cylinder unit with a capacity of 2.0 dm3 in which two injectors per cylinder are used. LabVIEW software and expansion chassis module with built-in FPGA module from National Instruments, which is designed for advanced applications, were used to build the system. Two National Instruments NI 9751 cards were used as execution tracks, thanks to which six injectors can be controlled. In addition, the results of control, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the correct functioning of the developed system, are presented.
Topic: Combustion process control in engines
Author: Grzegorz Barański