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Modern propulsion systems of rail vehicles

Rail transport vehicles are one of the sources of pollution of the natural environment. For this reason, it is necessary to use modern drive systems. The article concerns the issues of contemporary and future-oriented solutions of drive systems used in rail vehicles. The article analyzes the possibilities of energy storage including electrochemical, mechanical and hydraulic accumulators. The above analyzes have taken into account the importance of their charging frequency, which results in the possibilities of their application. The characteristics of hybrid drive systems are presented, with particular emphasis on parallel systems: hydrostatic, flywheels, with electrochemical batteries. The analysis of energy flow control strategies in hybrid drive systems of railway vehicles has been made. In the summary, a solution was chosen that resulted in high efficiency of energy conversion from its extraction to the vehicle's wheels.
Topic: Alternative sources of power
Author: Ireneusz Pielecha
Co-authors: Jerzy Merkisz, Robert Świechowicz, Mateusz Nowak,