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The analysis of the uniqueness of the Perkins 1104D-E44TA engine combustion process powered by dual fuel natural gas and diesel fuel

There are important arguments for the fact that natural gas in the near future will be an increasingly important source of energy in the human economy, including fuel for powering internal combustion engines. The high octane number of this fuel means that it can be used without any major obstacles, after the installation of a suitable power supply system, to power spark ignition engines. It is much more difficult to use natural gas to power self-ignition engines. One of the possibilities is dual fuel, which is also natural gas and diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is the source of ignition of gas fuel. The course of the combustion process of two different fuels: natural gas and diesel oil, requires further research. The article presents the results of tests on the uniqueness of the combustion process in a Perkins 1104D-E44TA engine factory fitted with a Common Rail power supply system, and then adapted to the engine to powered dual-fuel. The effect of the combustion process is an indicator diagram. The combustion process in the cylinder of the engine under test was evaluated by determining the uniqueness indexes of subsequent work cycles, such as the uniqueness index of the maximum working cycle pressure, the uniqueness index of the average indicated pressure, the uniqueness index of the indicator graph and the uniqueness index of the partial indicator chart. The research and the analysis of the results showed the effect of the dual fuel supply of the tested engine on the course of the combustion process, compared to the engine only with the diesel oil to which it was optimized.
Topic: Combustion processes in SI and CI engines
Author: Dariusz Kurczyński
Co-authors: Piotr Łagowski Michał Warianek