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Assessment methods of the basic parameters of the combustion process in reciprocating internal combustion engines

The article presents selected methods of assessing the basic parameters of the combustion process, as well as assessing the usability and limitations of the methods used to determine the initiation and end of the combustion process in reciprocating internal combustion engines. The evaluation methods of the combustion process provide information on many indicators that play an important role in the evaluation of the motor control; they can also be used to diagnose intra-cylinder processes. The methods considered are based on data contained in real, developed indicator diagrams. Basic thermodynamic assumptions and the scope of application of the combustion process evaluation method based on the actual work cycle of a combustion engine prepared in a double logarithmic scale were discussed. The article also discussed the application of the following methods: a direct pressure comparison method in the cylinder, the comparison of the first pressure derivative in the cylinder, logarithmic derivative method of pressure change in the cylinder, the method of the polytropic index, method of the first derivative of the polytropic index and the method of constant values of the polytropic index. The article showed advantages and disadvantages of the research of our methods.
Topic: Combustion processes in SI and CI engines
Author: Michał Warianek
Co-authors: Kazimierz Lejda