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Analysis of the availability of aircrafts with alternative propulsions

Global air traffic doubles every 15 years. Therefore, aviation emission grows as well. The aircraft emission can cause deterioration in local air quality (near airports) and climate changes connected with gases trapping heat in the atmosphere and with formatting aerosols which lead to changes in clouds (at cruising altitude). Under the agreement of 191 members of ICAO, the global aviation emission target is 50% reduction by 2050, however without participation of domestic flight it will be hard to achieve. It is advisable to look for an alternative aircrafts’ propulsion for both commercial and general aviation (usually flying closer to the ground). There are many prototypes proposed by homemade projects, through companies wanting to extend their offer. There are also several more advanced constructions ready to self-set or serially produced. In the article the main topic are electric aircrafts as an example of possibility to reduce the toxic compounds emission. According to the analysis some of companies specializing in unmanned aircraft production, starting to expand their business with manned products. In the article analyses different models of electric aircrafts, which are available on market and presented the comparisons characteristics based on e.g. cruise speed, range for every model or charging time were made and conclusions about alternative aircraft propulsions were made.
Topic: Alternative sources of power
Author: Kardach Monika
Co-authors: FUĆ Paweł, MACIEJEWSKA Marta