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Emission measurements of harmful exhaust gases components and particle mass and number of a passenger car in real driving conditions in accordance with the RDE procedure

The article presents exhaust emission measurement results as well as mass and number of emitted particles. The test involved a direct injection gasoline engine, with particular focus on the particulate number emissions. Small diameters of nanoparticles make them particularly dangerous to human health. Combustion engines of vehicles are continuously improved and modernized in an effort to meet the existing exhaust emission norms. One of the few ways to determine the actual content of toxic and harmful compounds in the exhaust gases is the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) procedure, which became a requirement for new vehicles starting from 2016, and from 2019 it will apply to all registered passenger cars. The RDE procedure does not replace the WLTP (World Light-Duty Vehicle Test Procedure), but is intended to complement it. The dynamometer tests are performed with the exclusion of many external factors such as traffic volume or congestion and are therefore by themselves not a sufficient indicator to assess emissions in real driving conditions.
Topic: Emission measurements and aftertreatment
Author: Barbara Sokolnicka
Co-authors: Paweł Fuć, Natalia Szymlet, Maciej Siedlecki, Rafał Grzeszczyk