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Overview of newest constructions and materials used in spark ignition and compression ignition industrial engines on the case of Yamaha and Perkins

Protection of natural environment becomes the key issue for major developed countries over the planet. Legal regulations concerning emissions leads to enhancing the quality of air in the times of massive pollution. Piston combustion engines generates dangerous exhaust gases, and there are specific law regulations towards limiting air pollution. EU commission directive 2016/1628/UE set up the limits that play very important role to implement border figures relating to gaseous and particulate pollutant emission limits and type-approval for internal combustion engines for non-road mobile machinery We can consider in this case an example of NRE-v-4 engine category swiftly moved from 1 January 2019 from IIIA stage into stage V. In the following article we will present solutions that conclude newest materials and constructions used for stage V engines. The main changes involve fuel supply system, exhaust gas cleaning system and engine performance control. Those systems were described in detail in following article using the case of modern Yamaha and Perkins engines as the leader of modern trends into industrial engines.
Topic: Global trends in engine technology
Author: Pawel Mazuruk
Co-authors: Mr. Tomasz Kosek MSc. – Senior Brand Manager – Yamaha Motor Poland Mr Piotr Orliński, DSc., DEng. – Professor in the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology Mr Marcin K. Wojs, DEng. – Researc