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Methodology for determining the input data of control algorithms for compression ignition engine

The process of controlling internal combustion engines is usually carried out based on array control algorithms with a fixed grid division. Modification of control algorithms based on experimental tests requires the use of programs enabling the determination of control algorithm parameters. The article presents the methodology for determining the compression ignition engine control algorithms. A developed by the authors computer program was presented, allowing determination of control algorithm parameters. Based on the results of experimental engine tests, and based on the presented program, the data of control algorithms were determined. The determined parameters were introduced into the laboratory engine controller. The experimental tests carried out on the engine controlled by the programmed laboratory controller confirmed the usefulness of the proposed methodology for determining input data of control algorithms.
Topic: Combustion process control in engines
Author: Dariusz Pietras
Co-authors: Marek Praszkiewicz, Konrad Czarniecki.