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Influence of the surface texture of electromagnetic injectors in a common rail system on changes in fuel delivery rate

The aim of this study was to determine changes in the of fuel delivery rate by Common Rail system injectors during their simulated operation on a test bench, depending on changes in their surface texture. Bosch applied injectors were tested. The injectors were run on a test rig at room temperature for 500 hours. The injection pressure and frequency were changed during the tests. Changes in operating parameters were estimated from of the obtained injection characteristics and the effective flow area determined in this way. The observed changes in fuel dose were compared with the results of the analysis of control valve and nozzle needle surfaces. Despite the observed lack of wear, significant changes were observed in the dynamics of the injectors, especially at short injection times.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Piotr Budzyński
Co-authors: Mariusz Kamiński