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Determination of the mass of harmful compounds emitted in the exhaust gas of the LM 2500 marine gas turbine engine during real operating conditions

The article presents a method for determining the mass of harmful compounds emitted in the exhaust gas of a LM 2500 marine turbine engine, which is part of a warship propulsion system, under real engine operation conditions. The assessment of harmful compound emissions in the exhaust gas of turbine engines of watercraft propulsion systems is associated with the activity of determining the impact of various technical objects on the environment. Examinations of harmful exhaust gas emissions from turbine engines used for the main propulsion of ships and ships require measurements of the concentration of harmful compounds in exhaust gas and determination of exhaust mass stream produced by the engine. The concentration of harmful compounds can be determined directly by measuring them in the exhaust stream. However, due to the high exhaust gas flow, the mass of exhaust gas should be determined indirectly. To this end, a series of measurements and analyzes should be carried out which will allow parameterization of the engine operating conditions. The obtained parameters and functional relationships between them can be used to determine the mass of generated flue gas, and then to determine the mass of harmful compounds emitted in the exhaust gas.
Topic: Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
Author: Paweł Wirkowski
Co-authors: Jarosław Markowski