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Volumetric losses of the compression process in a hypocycloidal pump in the light of the gas desorption effect

The effect of gas desorption from the solution with nucleation of gas bubbles is a process that allows to improve fuel atomization in diesel engines. The advantage of such a process, which has been experimentally proven, is a significant reduction in harmful emissions. The conducted research highlighted one of the fundamental problems. This problem concerned the injection pump - it was necessary to design a new construction that would be adapted to the desorption effect. The authors of the work proposed a construction based on a hypocycloidal drive. Due to the nature of the process, i.e. the use of exhaust gases dissolved in diesel fuel, it was very important to analyze the volumetric losses of the compression process - this is the main goal of this article. The authors proved that for the adopted design assumptions, the power of volumetric losses resulting from compressibility is 0.25% of the power consumed by the pump.
Topic: New engines and engine components
Author: Wojciech KARPIUK
Co-authors: Maciej BAJERLEIN, Marek IDZIOR, Rafał SMOLEC