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Applications of the continuously rotating detonation to combustion engines and other systems

In the paper advantages of application of the detonative combustion to propulsion and power generation systems will be presented, since such combustion offer significant improvement of efficiency but also lowering emission of the NOx. Additionally such system can be much more compact than classical one and will have a lower mass which will be also a great benefit to aerospace applications. Special attention is focused on continuously rotating detonation (CRD), since it offers significant advantages over pulsed detonation (PD) and is much easier to control than stationary/standing detonation (SD). There are discussed basic aspects of initiation and stability of the CRD for some chosen propellants, different mixtures compositions and different chamber geometry. Examples of the applications of the CRD to gas turbine and jet engines are presented: stationary power system supplied with gaseous hydrogen, ramjet engine with detonation combustion chamber supplied with liquid fuel. Rocket detonation engines with a different geometry shape, supplied with both gaseous and liquid propellants are also described. Additionally possible configurations of the combined cycle CRD engines will be evaluated.
Topic: Engine combustion
Author: dr Michał Kawalec
Co-authors: dr Witold Perkowski, dr Borys Łukasik, prof. Piotr Wolański,