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Problems of selecting filter partition in passenger car engine intake air filters

The aim of this study was to verify the criteria for selecting pleated filter partitions used in passenger car engine filters. The paper presents the problem of optimizing pleated air filters in the direction of minimizing pressure drop, which is the source of engine energy losses. Two criteria for selection of a paper filter partition for specific operating conditions of the filter and the engine are presented: criterion of permissible separation speed and criterion of permissible pressure drop. The actual filtration area of 44 paper pleated filter elements used in passenger cars and the air stream flowing through the filter were determined, which made it possible to calculate separation speed. In 62% of the analyzed filter inserts, the calculated separation speeds are within the speed range recommended by the constructors, Fmax = 0,06-0,12 m/s. Exceeding permissible separation speed Fmax = 0,12 m/s was found mainly in supercharged engines. Negative effects of engine operation with an air filter with too small separation area are presented, in the form of increased pressure drop and energy loss of the engine as well as shorter car mileage to reach permissible pressure drop.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Dziubak Tadeusz
Co-authors: Bąkała Leszek