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The current state and prospects for hydrogenisation of motor transport in Northwestern Europe and Poland

The article presents the situation regarding the hydrogenisation of motor transport in Northwestern Europe, a region leading in this regard in Europe. The following countries were included in the analysis of national plans in this area, taking into account both technical issues – among others - concerning HRS and FCEV, their number, as well as economic issues (among other things relating to the costs of using hydrogen): Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and England. Reference was also made to the situation in Poland, where major fuel and energy companies (among others: Orlen, Lotos, PGNiG and ZE PAK Capital Group) are strongly interested in hydrogenisation of motor transport and manufacturers of vehicles – for example – Solaris or Autosan in producing vehicles equipped with fuel cells. Based on the analyses carried out at the Institute of Motor Transport, it was found that the good location of basic hydrogen refuelling stations is along the TEN-T corridors running across Poland. The order of their location is as follows: 1- Poznan,2-Warsaw,3 Bialystok, 4-Szczecin, 5- Łódź region, 6-Tricity, 7-Wroclaw, 8- Katowice region, 9-Kraków.
Topic: Alternative fuels
Author: Maciej Gis
Co-authors: Wojciech Gis