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Modern trends in development of alternative powertrain systems for non-road machinery

Continuously increasing excessive emission of exhaust gases from motor vehicles, and specifically internal combustion engines have been recognized as a major concern by most of the industrialized countries since mid- 1960s. Emission gases containing an air pollutants have been shown to impose variety of negative effects on public health and the natural environment. This leads to introduction of variety of different, alternative powertrain system solutions which could help in reduction of powertrain generated emissions. Mentioned reduction of pollutants generated by the machine can be reached by application of different powertrain system or improved utilization and control of the existing one. Several different types of solutions have been considered over years as a concepts, prototypes or trial versions. Significant intensification of recent work across the globe have led the manufacturers to get their systems to the market pre-introduction or introduction stages. Alternative powered non-road machinery, either full electric, hybrid, fuel cell, or electrified have been already presented and successfully introduced. This paper focuses on state of the art non-road machinery alternative powertrain solutions and its applications, either specific or with a nature of general purpose machine. Variety of powertrains have been presented with attention to their operational parameters and working principles. Research involves in depth considerations of energy transfer within different components of the powertrain and the entire machine.
Topic: Sustainability and global trends in powertrain technology
Author: Tomasz Kalociński