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Research of ecological indicators of two-way vehicle in stationary conditions.

The presented article concerns the research on the emission of pollutants of a rail-road tractor in two stationary research tests. The purpose of the tests was to carry out control tests of pollutant emissions and their analysis. The object used during the works was approved in accordance with the Stage V standard, which requires measurements of emissivity both in stationary, dynamic and real conditions. Despite the requirement to test engines installed on a vehicle during their normal duty cycle with PEMS, the emission limits measured in this test have not yet been defined. Therefore, the work below focuses on the stationary test cycle. The measurements were carried out in accordance with the internal combustion engine operating points described in the approval test, and then compared with the modernized NRSC test. It contains modified measuring points and rotational speeds of the crankshaft, adopted on the basis of the most common operating parameters of agricultural tractor combustion engines in real operating conditions. The measurements were performed with the use of a mobile dynamometer and devices for measuring emissions of harmful exhaust gas compounds and recording on-board data. In the performed test, the vehicle drive system worked at fixed operating points, with defined values ​​of crankshaft rotational speed and load. Based on the recorded data on the concentrations of pollutants in the exhaust gases, the unit emission of the tested object was determined. In the final stage of the work, these data were used to perform a comparative analysis with the emission limits contained in the standard.
Topic: Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
Author: Michalina Kamińska
Co-authors: Maciej Andrzejewski, Paweł Daszkiewicz