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Road tests of car engine loads using the OBD II system

The article presents the results of tests of two vehicles, a vehicle with a spark-ignition engine and a vehicle with a compression-ignition engine. The tests included measurements of engine operating parameters during operation in urban and extra-urban conditions using OBD logger. Engine loads and crankshaft rotational speed were analysed. Frequency histograms of these parameters were prepared. The calculations showed that in the case of a vehicle equipped with a lower power diesel engine, the engine load changes occurring in urban and extra-urban conditions are similar and range from 0 to 100% as well as the rotational speed. For a vehicle equipped with a more powerful engine, the load range in urban conditions was up to about 40%. On the other hand, in non-urban conditions, the engine load relief reached up to 90%.
Topic: Engine testing and modelling
Author: Łukasz Grabowski
Co-authors: Rafał Bartoszuk