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Efficiency of the Diesel engine fuelled with the advanced biofuel Bioxdiesel

One way to reduce the negative impact of internal combustion engines on the environment is to use advanced biofuels, e.g. Bioxdiesel which is a mixture of Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters (FAEE), bioethanol and standard diesel, with vast majority of the content with biological origin. The FAEE are promising content of the Diesel-Biodiesel-Ethanol blends. The FAEE can be obtained from both vegetable, eg. rapeseed oil and animal fats, as well as waste fats. The article presents research results on the efficiency of a turbocharged Diesel engine equipped with a Common Rail fuel injection system which was powered by Bioxdiesel fuel and for comparison purposes also fed with standard fuel. The effects study showed that even with a lower calorific value of Bioxdiesel fuel when compared to that for the standard diesel, the overall engine efficiency obtained during the test results was comparable to the standard fuel. Due to the presence of oxygen in the particles of the biofuel, and thus more efficient combustion processes, for a wide range of the minor engine load, the fuel consumption of Bioxdiesel and Diesel fuels was comparable to each other, while at higher engine load the fuel consumption of Bioxdiesel was lower than that for the other fuel.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Wojciech Poprawski
Co-authors: Mieczysław Struś