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Effect of compression ignition engine preheating on its performance under cold start conditions.

This paper examines the effect of an external preheating system for an internal combustion engine on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and cabin temperature of a Euro4 vehicle. A 1 kW electric system powered by 220 V was installed in series in the cooling system of a vehicle with a compression-ignition engine of 2.5 dm3 capacity. The tests were carried out in simulated urban driving conditions (distance of 4.2 km), extra-urban driving conditions (distance of 17 km), and during idling at cold-start temperatures ranging from -10 oC to 2 oC. Preheating the engine under simulated city conditions reduces fuel consumption by 2.75 dm3/100 km and increases the supply air temperature immediately after engine start-up. Due to the preheater being powered from an external power grid, the cost per trip and total CO2 emissions are increased. Assuming renewable energy sources, CO2 emissions would be reduced the most for the stationary tests after engine preheating. In contrast, emissions would be reduced the least for extra-urban driving.
Topic: Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
Author: Michał Jan Gęca