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Method of evaluating the effectiveness of low-temperature catalytic reactors.

The emission of some toxic components of internal combustion engine exhausts is particularly high during low-temperature start-up, below the nominal operating temperature of a classic catalytic convertors. The aftertreatment systems based on conventional catalysts used so far ensure effective reduction of toxic exhausts components only after reaching the appropriate operating temperature. However, the removal of toxic substances from exhaust gases at low temperatures is possible thanks to the use of photocatalytic reactors, the application of which in ICE exhausts aftertreatment systems is a new research area. Moreover, as demonstrated in preliminary tests, photocatalytic flow reactors enable the reduction of concentrations of not only, particularly dangerous, aromatic hydrocarbons but also nitrogen oxides. This paper presents the evaluation method and the concept of a test stand that enables the design process and evaluation of the effectiveness of low-temperature exhaust gas catalysts.
Topic: New engines and engine components
Author: Radosław Włostowski