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Application of automotive safety design methodologies to the development of Euro7 emission control systems including On Board monitoring.

Euro7 and California HD-OBD present a shift of approach in emissions control. Legislative bodies concentrate on individual vehicle conformity to standards during its lifetime on top of type approval processes in test environment. The main change is NOx trackers in software and sensors in the exhaust pipes of all vehicles. As a consequence of constant supervision not only single point faults are taken into account in the analysis, but also cumulative parameter drift of components due to aging. To achieve normative requirements and prevent emission standards violation during exploitation, methodologies known from automotive functional safety domain and SOTIF are used to evaluate and modify a propulsion system design. An illustrative example of analysis is presented in the paper.
Topic: Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
Author: Mateusz Kmieć
Co-authors: Matthias Weber, Marcel Romijn, Dave Mathews