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The Concept of a Maintenance-Free Drive-Thru Inspection Station for Commercial Vehicles

The article presents the concept of a maintenance-free inspection station intended for conducting drive-thru tests of commercial vehicles. The main purpose of building this type of diagnostic line is to carry out non-invasive, preliminary tests of heavy-duty vehicles entering the vehicle service area in terms of parameters affecting the safety of their operation in relation to the applicable standards. The main parameter to be assessed will be the concentration of toxic exhaust components, measured using remote sensing methods. In addition, the proposed diagnostic line can be supplemented with additional remote measurement systems, such as, for example, systems for assessing the condition of vehicle lighting, loads on individual axles and individual wheels of the vehicle, tire pressure, thermal load of the brake system, as well as a system for detecting leaks of fluids from the vehicle. Based on the carried out work, it has been shown that using the current specialist knowledge and the components of measurement systems available on the market, it is possible to develop an innovative diagnostic line using remote measurement methods.
Topic: Exhaust emissions and aftertreatment
Author: Marek BRZEŻAŃSKI
Co-authors: Michał MARECZEK Marcin NOGA