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The impact of the type of gasoline on the working parameters and exhaust toxicity of a five-stroke engine

The paper presents an assessment of the impact of the type of gasoline on the behavior of a spark-ignition internal combustion engine, which uses additional exhaust gas expansion in a separate cylinder. The research engine with a displacement of 992 ccm, designed and manufactured at the Cracow University of Technology on the basis of a four-stroke engine, was equipped with a turbocharger. The properties of the engine make it suitable for cooperation with an electric generator in stationary applications or in hybrid vehicle drive systems. The tests of the five-stroke engine were carried out for several gasolines for various application, differing in terms of chemical composition and, consequently, also the octane number. For selected points of the engine\'s operating map, the analysis was primarily of engine brake thermal efficiency, exhaust gas toxicity and the efficiency of a three-way catalytic reactor. For each fuel supply, differences in the occurrence of knocking combustion were determined. The results of the conducted research and analyzes allowed for a sustainable chose of the engine operating point and control system settings depending on the used fuel.
Topic: Fuels and lubricants
Author: Marcin NOGA
Co-authors: Maciej PALUCH, Piotr LACHOWSKI